Using the iPad for a Day, or Multitasking as a Distraction

My MacBook Pro has had a very rough life. It started out as a test unit and was subjected to untold miseries that were not described to me, but were evident in the contorted unibody and scuffed display housing. A few days ago the notebook broke down, with the trackpad failing to respond to clicks. […]

Jeff Rock on the iPad Case

I’m not even sure why I bought it in the first place. I hate cases. What I want isn’t a case so much as a slip. Just something that keeps the iPad covered and clean while it’s traveling. This isn’t about protection so much as transportation and subtlety. It’s the same reason I don’t strap […]

Andy Ihnatko on Tablets before the iPad

The hardware we’ve seen in years past… are laptop computers with the keyboard section broken off. They’re not fundamentally touch-based computers, they’re the products of old thinking. When Apple looks at a fingertip, they see a warm, living thing that can feel. They don’t see a poor substitute for a mouse. Link