It Begins

And so it begins, another of us catches the motorcycle bug. My nieces got a tiny Kawasaki dirt bike for Christmas, complete with Training wheels. Scarlett wasn’t that interested, but Adelaide got right into it and was reving the engine and asking when the weather was going to be clear enough for her to take […]


I went with my nieces to the ice skating rink yesterday. Scarlett had fun, but was very focused during her time on the rink. You can really see the effort that she’s putting in.

Bloom Energy

Well, tomorrow will mark my last day at Apple. The last two and a half years have been an incredible experience. Interesting, educational, exasperating, and still hard for me to believe. I think it will be a long time before I’ve fully processed all the experiences I’ve had working at Apple, but that processing can […]

Laguna Seca Trackday

I took a PTO day and went to Laguna Seca with Alex for a track day of his. There were a couple cool vintage cars having a day of it and it really made me want to work on my 2002. Unfortunately, I brought a camera with dead batteries, so I didn’t manage to get […]

Server Side Dynamic Elements

I am a big fan of Ruby and most of the things that come with it. The exception to this is the overhead generated by dynamic websites built upon it. Server side dynamic content generation is a big issue that I have run up against many, many times. In light of these issues, I had […]

WordPress XML to Toto

In my efforts to convert my blog at I wrote a little script to convert the xml file that WordPress can export into text files that toto understands. It’s extremely hackish and will likely not generate 100% solid data, I had to edit ~10 of my 140 posts. Do not use this on a […]

Do Not Cross

Been dealing with a lot of bureaucracy in the last few weeks working with the vendors in China. This photo felt strangely significant. On a related note, I love the camera in the iPhone 4.

Re-introducing Shorten

After toying a bit with yourls, I went looking for a way to get a URL shortener setup that was a bit less complicated and could be deployed on Heroku (a service that I have recently become totally enamored with). This is what I ended up with. After a few Google searches I came across […]

Configuring PostgreSQL for Ruby on OS X

I found it to be a bit of a bear to get PostgreSQL installed on my OS 10.6 Snow Leopard system. So as I was going along I took notes. Here’s how I managed to get it up and running. Despite the ease of pushing to Heroku for my projects, I like to have a […]

Switch Google to English Bookmarklet

For those of you who travel internationally like myself, I am certain that you are frustrated when you search Google and find that the results come back in the local, unintelligible language. There are preference settings for this, but for me, they never seem to stick. Here’s my solution. Here’s a handy bookmarklet that should […]